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  Improved Geospatial One-Stop Portal Due This Summer


  The Geospatial One-Stop (GOS), on the World Wide Web at, has been the primary destination for geographic information professionals looking for mapping data. was developed as part of a Federal effort to provide more effective and efficient electronic government services to other governments and citizens. GOS goals also include the standardization of geospatial data formats to allow easier sharing of information and the reduction of needless duplication in investments. This intergovernmental project is one of 24 electronic government initiatives of the Federal Office of Management and Budget and is managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior.
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  The planned release of version 2 of, the on-line tool for intergovernmental sharing of geospatial information, will make it easier, less expensive and faster to find information from federal, state, local, tribal governments and the private sector. currently offers extensive access to mapping data and web mapping services from governments across the nation.

An updated version, often called "GOS-2," is expected to be released this summer. It will incorporate new features designed:

  • to make it easier to use by the less technically inclined,

  • to employ Google for easier searching,

  • to allow each user to customize the portal's interface,

  • and to help identify others interested in information for the same geographic area through an enhanced Marketplace.

  image showing merged geospatial data
Merged geospatial information showing Point Dume, California.
National Atlas of the United States®
  New on-line communities will allow those working in specific areas to share information, work together across geographic boundaries, and discuss policy issues. The new version initially will feature three new special interest "communities," including a fire community allowing fire managers to respond more effectively to wildfire emergencies, an oceans community, and a local government community.
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  Future GOS portal developments will include working together with the states to offer local data inventories through and encouraging federal agencies to steward development of new special interest communities that can promote collaboration across government jurisdictions.


  More information about Geospatial One-Stop.
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